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On an ongoing basis, our services would include the following:

  • Health Insurance TorontoBefore the renewal, we would review and audit the performance of your carrier.
  • Health Insurance TorontoComplete a market survey every three years (more often if required).
  • Health Insurance TorontoAssist your plan administrator with any claims and/or administrative problems.
  • Health Insurance TorontoIf applicable, provide assistance and pertinent information during union negotiations.
  • Health Insurance TorontoKeep you abreast of current market trends and changes in government legislation pertaining to employee benefits.
Why Choose Gene Meyer Insurance Agencies Ltd.?
  • We strive to help successful business owners to build a ‘better benefits plan’ than they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Our Insurance Agency personalizes your employee benefits plan, to best suit your company, your employees and your monthly budget.
  • Our customer service is paramount, and we ensure that any and all your doubts are addressed and cleared.
  • We can service all your insurance needs with the best Insurance plans.

A Special Service To You

  1. We will prepare the document to terminate your present Insurance Plan, without any involvement on your part (only approval endorsement).
  2. We will prepare and print the announcement letters showing the difference in benefits.
  3. We will transfer the employee information from your existing group application, to the new carrier’s enrollment forms, in our office.
  4. Once your employee benefit plan has been in force for a few weeks and the new Insurance Company has issued booklets, we will then hold an employee meeting during the lunch hour for any question’s or concern’s, so that the employees are satisfied and know what coverage they have and how to make a claim.
  5. We will also provide you on a quarterly basis, I.E., C. P. P., and W. C. B. updates.
  6. As received, we will email to you any legislative changes which are important enough to concern your benefit plan.
  7. On a quarterly basis, you will receive your group’s Claims History.
  8. At renewal time, we will obtain your claims history, renewal rates, etc., we will then proceed to verify that your renewal is being executed properly, and to confirm that you are satisfied with your benefit plan.
  9. The services provided by Gene Meyer Insurance Agencies Ltd., are absolutely private and confidential.

Requirements for Group Insurance

  1. EMPLOYEE DATA: Name, Sex, Marital Status, Date of Birth or Age, Income, Date of Hire and Occupation.
  2. EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK: From present Insurance Carrier.
  3. CLAIMS AND RATES HISTORY FOR THREE YEARS: for each benefit and renewal rates for the following year.
  4. LETTER OF AUTHORITY: Allowing us to go to market for you, on your letterhead, must be dated and signed by you.
  5. LONG TERM DISABILITY: If you have any ongoing claims, we need to know all pertinent information regarding claimant, i.e.: Name, Date of Birth, Date of Illness and the amount claimed per month, and the approximate date of return to work.
  6. ANY NON – RECURRING claims experiences during the last three years should also be listed. For example: An employee’s wife having cancer and then she recovered or passed away.

Nursing Claim $10,000
Drugs $15,000
Total Non –Recurring Claim $25,000

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