Understanding our approach to Biologics and Biosimilars

Author: Gene Meyer Insurance Agencies Ltd. |

Biologic drugs remain the subject of tremendous interest, not only because of their potential to deliver notable health outcomes for serious conditions, but also due to the cost impact they can have on plans.

The introduction of biosimilar drugs for select reference biologic drugs has resulted in notable transparent price differences, with the biosimilars being the more economical choice.

However, the uptake of biosimilars in the Canadian market may be described as low and slow, with most prescribers continuing to prescribe the brand biologics. To help address this, several provincial drug program initiatives have begun to support the use of biosimilars by only covering the biosimilar version, with more provinces anticipated to follow.

We support these provincial initiatives to promote the use of biosimilars, both for newly prescribed patients and existing patients currently well-controlled on a reference biologic, which will increase prescriber comfort with the biosimilar options when creating treatment plans, including for MediaView Blue Cross plan members.